We Need Answers
We Need Answers
None of us have lived through anything like the corona virus pandemic before. It’s caused uncertainty, worry, and stress.

One of the fallouts is that conspiracy theories are gaining traction. These are across a wide spectrum from 5G masts are to blame, to Bill Gates wants to make billions from a vaccine that will be compulsory.

These often soon spread into conspiracy theories hundreds of years old about Jewish bankers wanting to take over the world.

This dates to an old document called “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” which is a fabricated antisemitic text purporting to describe a Jewish plan for global domination. The hoax, which was shown to be plagiarized from several earlier sources, was first published in Russia in 1903.

Although it was proven to be fake Henry ford paid for the distribution of half a million copies and from 1933 the Nazis forced German schools to teach it.

Now it goes without saying that most people with concerns and questions about Covid are not full on racist or anti-Semitic, but the organisations that have took full advantage most certainly are.

Working class people don’t believe all this because they are stupid. It’s because they know they can’t trust the mainstream media and the government.

In Liverpool we have many reasons not to trust the Tory government, and we have done more than anyone to fight against a media that really does only bat for the 1%.

  • When Serco are – Handed +£100m Test & Trace contracts.
  • When Serco’s CEO: is a Brother of a ex-Tory MP & his partner is a Tory donor.
  • When Serco ex-head of PR is a Tory Health Minister.
  • When the Head of Test & Trace is a Tory peer & her partner is a Tory MP.
  • That same Tory MP that is appointed to the role of “Anti-Corruption Champion”.
  • Why would we trust them, why should we trust them?

We need answers: We are not getting them.

We need action; We are seeing our hospitals full, our older family members die, our younger family members made redundant or paid 66% of a wage that was already impossible to live on.

The mistrust of the government is well placed. The mistrust of the BBC and mainstream media not telling our story is well placed.

It’s not surprising that conspiracy theories that gain traction on WhatsApp groups and social media can seem to offer answers. Some people are drawn to conspiracy theories because they simply don’t believe the information that the state puts out.

And at the centre of almost all conspiracy theories is a deep-seated distrust in those who govern society. But conspiracy theories lay the blame for the problems of the world in the wrong places. And worst of all the conspiracy theories end up protecting the people that are really to blame.

The bosses and the super-rich; the real 1% need the rest of us to be divided. They use racism and other means to do this.

Yes, the ruling class do control the world by private ownership and control over the means of production, and yes, they fix elections and instigate coups to keep themselves in power.

But they don’t sit in a conference room together coming up with secret plans, actually they compete against each other by seeing who can exploit workers the most.

But as socialists we know the problem goes well beyond individual politicians. Conspiracy theories let the capitalist leaders off the hook. They also demoralise people.  They make people think that change is impossible.

As socialists we know that working class people can change society and run society. We have run it during the pandemic. We worked in the hospitals, we drove the buses, we cleaned the schools, we stacked the shelves of supermarkets. The super-rich stayed at home.

They are still at home now.

It is absolutely correct that corona virus has made working class people ask questions, but the answers to those questions lies in socialism and our class, not in conspiracy theories.


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Phil Rowan is a socialist and activist. He is an industrial rep for the RMT on London Underground and sits on the Spirit of Shankly management committee. He was previously in the army where he served in Bosnia and Iraq, and now campaigns against war and imperialism.