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Help Beacon usher in a new generation of diverse, progressive, working-class socialism with a bold vision to transform our economy and city.

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Beacon Liverpool

Beacon is a platform to further the cause of socialism in Liverpool and the wider City Region.

Bringing together left wing activists, trade unionists and community campaigners, the aim is to provide a platform that promotes working class unity, grass roots activism and community action, generating policies and stimulating actions and campaigns for the collective good in the Liverpool City Region.

A Beacon For Mersey Municipalism

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Latest Blogs

Kirkdale by-election

KIRKDALE BY-ELECTION While we are disappointed not to have gained more votes in the Kirkdale by-election, this is still a positive result that gives hope


No Cuts Liverpool Prior to its recent Budget meeting on 3rd March, Liverpool City Council has undertaken a public consultation into its 2021/22 budget, providing

Our Manifesto

Our Economy

Good jobs with trade union rights - end low pay and precarious employment

An Employment Charter, guaranteeing the workers’ voice, written into public sector contracts

Affirmative action to end employment discrimination

Community Wealth Building and a Social Purchasing Charter for anchor institutions

Invest in community assets

Scale up the social and solidarity economy – establish a “Mondragon on Merseyside”

A City Region Investment Bank to provide investment in infrastructure and communities

Our Place

A massive council house building programme to end homelessness and combat landlordism

A municipal and community owned green transport infrastructure

Municipal and community owned green energy - end utility tyranny

Free at the point of need social care delivered by local authorities and the social economy

The Right to Food, end food poverty

Non means tested Universal Basic Services

Access to green space for every community

Our City

Full “City State” devolution for the Liverpool City Region

Directly elected City Region Mayor and a proportionately elected City Region Assembly

Neighbourhood Committees with powers of scrutiny over Councillors, City Region Assembly Members and MPs representing each neighbourhood